Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WILD PLACES by Jim and Shirley White

This is a web site about the "Wild Places" mostly in the Sierra Nevada visited and photographed by my wife Shirley and myself in the later days of our life. I will post pictures and then tell you about our trip to take that photograph or other information of interest about that area.

This picture of the flanks of Mt. Lassen was taken in late October about four years ago by Shirley when we were the last of a few visitors to Mt. Lassen National Park before the winter storms closed the park for the winter. We had a new pop-up camper on our truck and were trying it out for the first time. We spent one night at Manzanita Lake where it snowed about a foot of new soft snow. We took the road back toward the headquarters photographing as we went. Shirley took this picture near Helen Lake where we saw a man and a small child, dressed in street clothes start up the summit trail. We tried to camp in the parking lot at the park headquarters but high gusts of wind made us think we might lose the camper if we stayed. We moved to a lower elevation camp where we spent a peaceful night.


  1. Thank you Jim for posting these beautiful photos, and the information also.