Thursday, October 31, 2013


at least all the signs point to that. This morning just after daylight we saw our first Bufflehead ducks on our pond at the park. Two pair....right out of the north. Alaska maybe?
And how about this snow last Tuesday! This is the way it looked on the Chipmunk Ridge road above Hell Hole reservoir. And last Saturday we were checking for Sandhill Cranes near Lodi and among the thousands we saw was the bird with the tags on its legs above....right down from the north but we can't be sure where because at least 2 of the tags are missing. We photograph S.H. Cranes for the International Crane Foundation and they gave us that information. The River Otters ( two half grown ones) have returned to our park pond like they do most winters. The Great Egret above still thinks it is only Fall....since the Willows in the background still have some red leaves..... but the pain in my right knee tells me...."WE GOT THE WINTER TIME FEELING". Might as well get up...bundle up...and enjoy. It is really winter again!!

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