Sunday, February 9, 2014

Escape is Sweet

A rainy dull light day. Not a day to write or read. Not a good day to photograph. We had to get out in the storm. To feel the cool wet freshness of the air. Equipment to test and learn to use. A new camera body used with new to us lenses. Are we ever going to learn how to make magic with them. Let's give it a try? We are looking for waterfowl west of Lincoln where few have been seen this year that is so dry. But there are a few. Our new camera gear should make sharper, crisper wildlife images. That is if we ever learn to use them. A lot of driving and very little shooting so lets go to Lincoln for a Chinese lunch.

We had seen a bi-winged crop duster off in the distance over the Feather river and beyond.We had almost forgotten about him when up ahead he flies across our road to land on a paved farm strip to re-load. Shirley loves to photograph airplanes. The road we are on is deadly. Little traffic on the road but what there is is high speed, with few places to park. I zoom into a spot in front of a gate. The gate is where the air-strip comes to the road we are on. The only place to park. The airplane is loaded and ready to take off within two minutes. There is a steel gate between us and the runway. We should be safe? The aircraft is at full throttle and moving toward us when I think he looks overloaded. His wheels are still on the ground when within 100 yards of us. Pull up! I almost can feel the stick in my hand and my feet on the rudder. Pull up!! Shirley says "my god" is he going to make it?

As the airplane roars over us I have taken my last photograph of him and turn and ask Shirley " did he go below the telephone wires just above our Jeep? The roar of the huge radial engine and the prop wash as he went over buffeted the Jeep and we both hung on. Maybe it was a good day to read and write?

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