Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Raptors and Other Wildlife

on the river of course!!

Everyone knows it is dry! Even at 5500 ft.on the east side of the Sierra near Truckee. So how do us wildlife watchers and photographers find wildlife when it is so hot and dry? What we do and did today was find some tumbling water, a small waterfall or an area with some white tumbling water with some perches and shade nearby. This hawk hunts a nearby meadow for rodents early morning and late evening, but during the day almost all birds and some other wildlife go for the water. An old concrete dam nearby with this driftwood log will produce time after time. While at this spot we saw Mergansers, Dippers and Mountain Quail nearby. We sit on our 3 legged stools, drink our coffie and wait. Dont\'t talk much and sit still. They will fly, swim and run right up to you.

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