Saturday, April 19, 2014

California Spring

The recent rains saved our spring and permitted us travel to all our favorite Coast Range, valley and foothill flower and scenic sites once again. Photography of course is always our goal, but many views and wildlife sitings are just that....we get to view, but for many reasons we are not able to get that photo. It was worth the trip anyway.

Bear Valley in Colusa county was a wildflower bust, it just did not rain early or enough. However, a few miles north, Lodoga and Stonyford were great. Too bad there have been so many ticky-tacks built in the last few years in that area, but the flowers were there anyway. Table Mountain north of Oroville was the winner. Spectacular is the only way to describe Table Mountain. During Easter week Table Mountain was prime but the crowds took away some of the charm.

It is a tough time for farming and ranching in California this year. Water is worth more than gold. If you have water your can thrive. If not, hang on. Plants, flowers, trees, fish and wildlife, and ranchers and farmers....hang on and ride it out. Look closely, the beauty is still there. You just have to add a little imagination. We did, and now we share with you.


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