Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Bump In Our Road

by Jim and Shirley White

Christmas and New Years are gone. And so are three people important in our lives. It is all part of living I guess. We haven't felt like writing or shooting photos for ourselves. We tried the other day and Shirley was rewarded with this great shot of the Snowy Egret. Maybe the best picture she has ever taken? The picture does make us want to travel down our road some more.Maybe there is more joy ahead?

The Sacramento Valley is still loaded with northern birds. We have never seen so many Rough-legged hawks from the far north. This one with a kill near Colusa.
The crazy drivers in the fog drove us out of the valley and into the North Fork of the American River canyon near Colfax.

 The fog was gone by late evening. These Swans were regal, waiting for the night and peace from the days struggle. Some snow on the mountain would be a joy indeed.

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